Federal Pacific T204H75E FT2189 - FH Type Isolation Transformer - 208 pri - 480Y/277 sec - 3 Phase - 75kva - NEMA 1 - Aluminum

Federal Pacific T204H75E FT2189 - FH Type Isolation Transformer - 208 pri - 480Y/277 sec - 3 Phase - 75kva - NEMA 1 - Aluminum

Federal Pacific T204H75E Transformers 1
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The Type FH line of ventilated dry-type transformers incorporates wire and or strip wound coils in a barrel wound configuration. Horizontal and vertical spacers are strategically positioned in the windings to brace the winging layers and allow maximum ventilation. The electrical grade core steel is arranged in a construction designed to accommodate the coils.
The core and coil assembly is anchored to the enclosure through a vibration dampening system to reduce noise levels. Units through 600 kVA are provided with neoprene isolating pads while larger units are furnished with three layer rubber and cork pads. A flexible grounding conductor is installed between the core and coil assembly and the transformer enclosure.
Enclosures are rigidly braced and covers are fastened with slotted hex head screws for ease of removal. A rugged steel base supported by mounting feet opened outward provides safe handling with a fork lift and easy attachment to mounting pad.
Front accessible wiring compartments are approved for 90°C cable. Terminals are sized to carry the full current capacity of the transformers.
To attain UL listing, it was necessary to complete an accelerated aging test as specified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This insulation system was subjected to a series of exposures to heat, vibration, moisture, and dielectric tests. As a proven system, this insulation system has received from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. a recognized 200°C continuous rating. This total temperature of 220°C is derived from the average conductor temperature rise of 150°, hotspot temperature gradient of 30°C and an ambient temperature of 30°C.
The major components that allow for this 220°C rating are Nomex® paper, resin-glass laminates, silicon rubber, and polyester varnish. This combination of materials and the care taken in construction and workmanship, not only give Federal Pacific Type FH Transformers a long operating life, but helps insure their quiet operation.
The design features of the Federal Pacific Type FH family of UL Listed transformers assures versatile, economical, and reliable distribution of power. All transformers are fully tested to insure trouble-free installation and operation. The unique combination of ratings makes the FH family suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Product information

TEMCo product ID
Brand Federal Pacific
Mfg part number T204H75E
Transformer subcategory Isolation
Electrical Specifications:
Phase Three
Frequency (Hz) 60
kVA 75
K rating 1
Primary configuration Delta
Secondary configuration Wye
Reverse connectable Yes
Winding material Aluminum
Electrostatically shielded No
Connection type Lugs/Bolt-down terminals
Mechanical Specifications:
Temperature rise (deg C) 150
Insulation system (deg C) 220
Enclosure rating NEMA 1
Enclosure material Steel
Construction style Enclosed - Ventilated Core & Coil
Mounting type Floor
Cooling Air/Dry
Sound level (dB) Less than 50
Other Information:
UL listed Yes
CSA approved Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Input voltage Output voltage
198 480Y/277
203 480Y/277
208 480Y/277
213 480Y/277
218 480Y/277
Weight & Dimensions:
Weight 575.00 lbs. (260.76 kg)
LxWxH 19.88 x 26.00 x 37.00 in.
(50.50 x 66.04 x 93.98 cm)
Shipping weight 2,335.00 lbs. (1,058.92 kg)

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