20 AWG Copper Magnet Wire MW0165 - 1 lb 315 ft 200C Magnetic Coil

20 AWG Copper Magnet Wire MW0165 - 1 lb 315 ft 200C Magnetic Coil

Essex MW0165 Magnet Wire 1
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Electrical Insulating Varnish for Magnet Wire

Product description

GP/MR-200® has a multi-purpose film insulation which includes a modified polyester basecoat and a polyamideimide topcoat. This combination provides moisture resistance, physical toughness, excellent dielectric properties, and superior chemical resistance to common solvents and refrigerants. Thermal properties of over 200°C qualify it for severe thermal overload applications. Compared to nylon overcoated polyester, it is superior in regards to physical moisture, chemical, and thermal resistance. GP/MR-200® is suitable for many uses including: open motor, high moisture applications, and hermetic applications. Other outstanding properties include thermal life, thermoplastic flow, burnout, and head shock. This product is the standard of excellence for motor repair, maximum result, and minimum reject applications. It is impressive because it couples the extra advantages of high moisture resistance with ease of insertion.

Product features

  • Clean Production Environment - Houses Spooling Process
  • Excellent Quality Guaranteed! - Give us a call or drop by & we'll show you how.
  • We have a Physical Location - If you have questions, we want to hear from you. Wanna talk wire or pick up your order? Stop by! We'd be glad to have you.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A. - ZERO WIRE IMPORTS POLICY
  • Computerized Spooling by Weight - You'll get what you paid for, guaranteed.
  • Perfectly Tensioned - Zero elongation, zero scratches or other flaws.
  • Ships from Stock Same Day as Order - Most Orders Received in 1-3 Days!
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  • ZERO Contaminates - Hands-off feeding eliminates skin salts & oils.
  • As an OEM, We use many of the Products we Sell. As a result only high quality winding materials are offered to you.

Which insulation is right for you?

You may have noticed that we offer 2 primary types of insulation on our wire. Review the chart below to determine which one best suits your needs.
Product Soderon 155 GP/MR-200
Specification NEMA MW 80-C NEMA MW 35-C
Applications Appliance motors
Timer and clock coils
Encapsulated coils
Arts & crafts
Output Coils
Ham Radio Coils
Tesla Coils
Tattoo Machines
Hook-up Wiring
Twist Ties
Arts & crafts
Solder Prep Solder without
removing insulation.
Remove insulation
before soldering.
Temp. Rating 155°C (311°F) 200°C (392°F)
Dielectric Ratings Room Temp:
2,696 volts avg.
(915 volts min.)

Rated Temp:
3,780 volts avg.
(1,220 volts min)
Room Temp:
12,200 volts avg.
5700 volts min.)

Rated Temp:
10,300 volts avg.
(4,275 volts min)


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Shipping information

Shipping type Days Price
1-3 Days 1 - 3 $4.50
Canada & Mexico 6 - 10 $18.00
Other International 6 - 10 $25.00

Product information

TEMCo product ID
Brand Essex
Mfg part number MW0165
Sizing Specifications:
Wire gauge (AWG) 20
Wire diameter (with insulation) (in) 0.0346
Wire diameter (no insulation) (in) 0.032
Spool weight 1 lb.
Length (ft) 315
Feet per pound 314.6
Mechanical Specifications:
Conductor material Copper
Wire format Solid
Wire shape Round
Wire build type Double (heavy)
Insulation temp rating (deg C) 200
Insulation enamel (base coat) Polyester
Insulation enamel (overcoat) Polyamide-imide
Solder process Remove insulation first
Dielectric Breakdown:
Volts @ room temp (typical) 12200
Volts @ room temp (required) 5700
Volts @ rated temp (typical) 10300
Volts @ rated temp (required) 4275
Other Information:
Insulation color Amber
Country of manufacture USA
NEMA designation MW 35-C
Agency approvals IEC Designation (60317-13, 60317-25, 60317-29), UL Recognized (File: E32638)
Product line GP/MR-200
Weight & Dimensions:
Weight 1.00 lbs. (0.45 kg)
LxWxH 2.80 x 2.80 x 1.28 in.
(7.11 x 7.11 x 3.25 cm)

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