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Technical Terms Glossary »

Motor Capacitors

Selection help, troubleshooting, and general FAQs on Start, Run, and Dual Run Capacitors.

Electric Motors

What type of motor do I need and how do I size it? We’ll walk you through it. Special applications sizing: compressor, jet pump, etc.

Motor Starters

WEG's PESW Washdown Motor Starters are great for 1 and 3 phase applications where across-the-line starters can be used.

Phase Converters

How do static and rotary phase converters compare to each other? How do I size a phase converter?

Soft Starters

Why use a soft starter over a VFD? Overview of soft starter types.


Sizing help, general info, and product selection of TEMCo's transformers.

Generators & Accessories

Portable, PTO, Packaged Standby, and Generator Head sizing and FAQ.

Power Filtering & Regulation

Learn how to protect your solid state devices. Line reactor selection help.

Variable Frequency Drives

CFW Series VFD sizing help. View common suitable loads, requirements, and video tutorials.

Frequency Converters

Run overseas equipment using your available grid power.

Water Pumps

Overview of submersible and engine-powered water pumps.

Wire & Cable

FAQ and selection help for welding cable, magnet wire, and resistance wire.


Contactor FAQ and selection help.


Limit switches, float switches, foot switches, and micro switches.


Wire and cable cutters, crimpers, and knockout punches.

Solar Tools and Hardware

Solar wire, connectors, extensions, and tools.